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Measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19

By coughing and sneezing, a person transmits the virus through his nose, throat or lungs. The virus gets into the air through small droplets. If other people inhale these droplets or transfer them via their hands in their mouth, nose or eyes, for example, they can become infected with the virus. 

What you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands with soap regularly.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meter of eachother
  • Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow.
  • Use paper tissues
  • Stay at home with symptoms of the common cold or flu
  • Limit social contacts

Coronavirus  (COVID 19)

*Update Coronavirus*    


Adjustment of our practice organization

May 2020


Our practice locations are only open for office hours for the necessary pregnancy checks.


  • PARTNERS ALLOWED at Ultrasounds: Partners are welcome again at the ultrasounds. At the general consultations please come alone  (no children or other visitors allowed).
  • Ultrasound: From now on we may make medical "early ultrasounds" again.
  • NO commerical PRET-echo's. We don't make commercial pret-ultrasounds yet (like gender or-3D scans)
  • You will NOT be called by a midwife prior to your regular consultation hour appointment. The intake around 8-10 weeks will be by telephone if plannend.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance of eachother where possible and wash your hands upon entering. The waiting room is also equipped for this. We also keep as much distance as possible in the doctor's office.May 2020


Appointments that remain:

  • Do not come with a fever or a cold!
  • NEED NEW APPOINTMENT: you can make a new appointment at the assistents office-desk.
  • We will carry out the 6-week follow-up checks by telephone for the time being
  • CONTRACONCEPTION / IUD placement: Our contraceptive consultation hours for placing IUD's are continuing! Do you want an IUD? Contact us via the registration form, so that we can see together what is possible.
  • NO PRETECHO! We do not offer this indefinitely because we first want to up-scale . We will communicate clearly when we resume this.
  • BLOOD DRAWING: From now on,  an APPOINTMENT must be made at the main locations of the DVU: call 040 - 21 41 202


Are you about to give birth?

What an weird time to be calculated at all the corona developments now! It is important to you that the choice for a home or hospital birth remains just as before. Even if you have a medical indication, giving birth in a hospital is safe and responsible. We do everything we can to help you give birth personally and in peace as you are used to at the location you like. If the help of a gynecologist is needed, you can count on excellent and safe care in the hospital of your choice due to our good cooperation with the hospitals.
There are a few important points you should know:


  • For the time being, only one attendant may be present at birth (both at home and in the hospital at all), so not in the hallway or anywhere else in the hospital.
  • Delivery in the bath is unfortunately not possible at the moment. You cannot give birth in the bath during a home birth, but you can absorb your contractions in the bath. In the hospital it is no longer possible to take a bath during your delivery. Showering is of course still a possibility.
  • If you or your partner have a fever or other corona-related complaints during the delivery, we will have to take extra precautions and adjust our guidance. This is customization and is viewed per situation.
  • A maternity visit after delivery is also not possible in the hospital. If you have to stay longer in the hospital, the rules that apply in the hospital apply



Emergency and delivery care will of course continue, so just call us if you have any questions or complaints. The midwife is always there for you and will work with you to assess whether an extra check-up is necessary.
You can still ALWAYS call with questions or concerns!

Here is a list of events in which you have to call us: 

06-107 209 08 (team Pink)      or      06 301 551 21 (team Blue):

  • Vaginal blood loss
  • Vaginal fluid loss/broken membranes
  • Fever higher than 38 Celsius, measured rectally
  • Pain in your belly and/or back that comes and goes if you are not 37 weeks pregnant yet.
  • If you do not feel the baby move as you know it or not at all and you have passed 26 weeks pregnancy.
  • If you are vomiting and at risk of dehydration

General information about the delivery in Maxima Medisch centrum in english : 

Maxima Medisch Centrum, delivery information ENG


Postnatal period

The postnatal visits will be done by phone. We will come over when necessary. Of course safety for you and your baby is the most important during the strict measures!

Maternity visits:

  • We can do a home visit after birth again! We do at least 1 house visit after birth to admire your baby and be there for you. If we estimate that more visits are necessary or you are delivered, then of course we come by more often.
  • When we come on maternity home-visit there should be no  other visitors. That's why we'll let you know when we're coming.
  • When you or one of your roommates develop complaints, we would like to be called about it. A visit is usually not possible in that case.
  • The HIELPRIK  is coming by again. Read more:  RIVM: hearing screening-newborns-restart


Online Pregnancy courses

Due to high demand for English online maternity courses:


We hope this has given you enough information about the strict measures. You can always call the office or give us an email with question(s). Thank you again for understanding the measures that we all need to take to minimize the spread of the corona virus.




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